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The proceeds of your contribution will help support a family in need and fuel our programs.

Our programs empower our parents, youth and children to become self sufficient and better leaders in our community.

Volunteers do things for the right reason and not the right reaction. Become a More 2 Give volunteer .

Welcome to More 2 Give

Founded October 2010, More2Give Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based out of Virginia Beach. Our primary focus is to assist large working families whom are not eligible to receive government assistance due to their income. Our mission is to enhance the lives of children in large families by partnering with their working parents offering them educational, financial and recreational programs. Our goal is to empower families to help themselves and ultimately give back to other families through community outreach and volunteerism.

It is OUR responsibility to assist these parents who aren’t eligible for government assistance due to their income. It is OUR responsibility to give each child in a large family an equal opportunity in life. It is time to GIVE MORE to those in need, so they may return the favor to another family. In the community, More2Give is working hard to ensure every child in a large family setting has an engaged childhood; but to continue our vital work we need your support.

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